Helen graduated from AUT in 2003 and went straight into private practice before heading on her overseas adventure for 6 years.
She has worked in Melbourne, Sydney and London where she gained valuable experience across a variety of sports and injuries. Over the years her interest in clinical Pilates and rehab lead her to the use of real time ultrasound to fine tune and improve her results with clients.
Helen enjoys treating all sporting and daily life injuries, she has as strong focus on prevention and functional fitness to equip her clients to enjoy whatever hobbies they choose to enrich their life. She is passionate about educating people to understand their individual needs and will tailor programmes for them to effectively overcome their injuries.



Larissa graduated from AUT in 2002, from there she worked in private practice before heading to the UK to travel and gained further experience in musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. 

Whilst in the UK she gained further experience in Acupuncture, and Pilates before heading home to take a special interest in Womens Health. It was at this stage that she realised there was a need to be able to educate clients on there core stability including there pelvic floor and be able to functionally re-train them so that it becomes effective in there day to day lives.

Larissa prides herself in gaining the full potential out of her clients be it a weekend warrior, pregancy or post natal women, or an elite athlete. 


Ultra Physio is a clinic that specialises in using Real Time Ultrasound (RTUS), for the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.
RTUS is a machine, similar to what you would see when having a baby and diagnostic ultrasounds. RTUS allows us to image structures to diagnose injuries, but predominantly to see if people can activate certain key muscle groups imperative to normal function, rehabilitation of injuries and injury prevention.Ultra Physio in particular will be focusing on the activation of the pelvic floor, Multifidus, and Transversus Abdominus, co-activation of these muscle groups is the core stability everybody is looking for and ultimately what the likes of Pilates is built on.

Your Physiotherapists at Ultra Physio will design and teach you a unique rehab programme specific to your needs. Based out of Flexa clinic we have the ability to use their advanced innovative studio rehab facility with state of the art equipment in functional training. We can also design home exercise programmes specific to you.


At Ultra Physio we have a combined experience of over 20 years in musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, injuries ranging from your weekend warrior, sports injuries and general aches and pains from your everyday activities of all ages We have worked closely with the likes of Plus One who specialises in Womens health Physiotherapy and assess and treat pelvic floor problems and core stability following having babies.