I am a patient at Flexa Clinic Northcote, and have been attending the clinic on weekly basis for the past nine years. I am a 68yr old builder with a double hip replacement and left knee replacement. I also have osteoarthritis in my joints. 


Six months ago, Helen and Larissa at the clinic offered to me the opportunity of exerperiencing a new treatment using the Real Time Ultra Sound (RTU). The most beneficial part of the process for me, was that i could watch the RTU screen and see my core activating whilst i did the exercises under the Physio's observation. 


Over time, I have noticed a marked difference in my flexibility and strength especially in my knees, which has helped to make my day to day activities such as work and sport lesspainful. 


I highly recommend the use of RTU for rehabilitation. 







After two major back surgeries over a six month period, I was having trouble with pain and mobility. I couldn't even do simple chores like grocery shopping and would end up having to sit or lay down and take pain killers.


I learned about ULTRA PHSYIO from my specialist, who said I would have to work on my core muscles and strengthen a certain muscle groups. At my first session of ultra-sound, Helen showed me how little my muscles were working and they started a workout regime for both home and at our sessions.


Both Larissa and Helen can be hard task masters and push you more then you think you can do. You’ll notice that as they push you, there is a smile on their face. However, it was this pushing me past what I thought were my limits that strengthened my core muscles and helped me to resume getting out and about with more ease.


I am now walking nearly every day and at weekends I try to get out and exercise, usually a walk, sometimes up to 10km. Walking around the shops is still a bit painful, but that’s my excuse for leaving the wife and sitting down while she looks at clothes.


I know that my back will never be the same as before, but if it wasn’t for Larissa and Helen, I wouldn’t be getting out and about as I do now.